One of our listeners has asked us to post the 2016 ACSS Top 40 in winning order. Here they are:

1. Rick Hart, Levon Helm; 2. Alex Tobin, Waiting; 3. Samantha Mooney, Free And Fearless; 4. Goldheist, Far Away From Here; 5. Kelly Cork, Roses; 6. Melanie Gray, Our Own Back Yard; 7. Karen Guymer, A Hero In Us All; 8. Rick Hart, City Lights; 9. Imogen Clark, Take Me For A Ride; 10. Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy, Burrumbuttock Hay Runners; 11. Melissa Robertson, Tumbarumba; 12. Susan Muranty, Four Hands Around One Heart; 13. Rebecca Lee Nye, I’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Lonely; 14. Donna Hotz, A Thousand Boxes Of Tissues; 15. Karen Guymer, Love Dances In the Rain; 16. Lola Brinton & Jasper Hollis, The Devil’s Garden; 17. Paul Crowder, You’re Never Too Old To Dream; 18. Becci Nethery, Walk Away; 19. Lloyd Clarke, Great Mighty Murray; 20. Terry Plowman, A Cowboy On His Horse; 21. Ryan Brookhouse, Big Town Blue; 22. Natalie Howard, You Ain’t Worth The Rain; 23. Michael Waugh, Heyfield Girl; 24. Kerrie Garside, Two Storey House; 25. John Greenwood, The Midnight Train; 26. Anna Wall, Better When You’re Around; 27. David King, Tim Dutton & Anna Chapman, Waiting For You; 28. Melissa Robertson, Burnt That Bridge; 29. Wal Neilsen, Only Got A Photo; 30. Greg Williams & Ron Buckpitt, Run Emu Run; 31. Chris Mustica, Handmade Silk Dress; 32. Cathy Dobson, Down In The Bone Yard; 33. Alex Tobin, One More Night; 34. Lola Brinton & Sven Tydeman, Today I Could Be Dead; 35. Earl Gillespie, Savannah; 36. Lola Brinton & Lachlan Bryan, Window With A View; 37. Pete Foerster, Used To Be A Cowboy; 38. Matt J Ward & The Rising Sons, Terlingua; 39. Keri McInerney, Wishing; 40. Tylah Rose, Take A Breath.

Congratulations everyone.