Hi Everyone,
Well, we now have a new and hopefully “permanent” slot for the show: Tuesdays from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm. I hope you can pencil in the time slot for tomorrow and for future shows.
On 12 April, our featured artist will be Susan Muranty, and we’ll be playing three of Susan’s songs in the second hour of the show.
The play list will be:
First hour: Kaitlyn Thomas, Magdalena MacDonald, Michelle Bender, Melanie Gray, Jasper Hollis & Lola Brinton, Jo Caseley, Chris Fisher, Kelly Cork, Helen Townsend, Earl Gillespie, Lloyd Clarke, Ian Burns, Anna Wall and Becci Nethery.
Second hour: Susan Muranty, Tony Murphy, Cathy Dobson, Susan Lily & Darren Scott, Michael Waugh, Hester Fraser (Goldheist), Melissa Robertson, Ryan Brookhouse, Kylie Adams-Collier, Imogen Clark, Karen Guymer and Anthony Cobb.
Third hour: Wal Neilsen, Lyn Hazelton, Tom Dockray, Kirsty Lee Akers, Terry Bennetts, Donna Hotz, Heath Watts, Marc Smith, Natalie Howard, Rick Hart, SAMI Cooke and Tylah Rose.
I hope you can join me on TodaysCountry94one.