The Australian Country Songwriters Show will be back on air tomorrow night 14 June 2016.

Our featured artists will be songwriter, Earl Gillespie, and we’ll be laying three of Earl’s songs (with vocals by Erin Fleury) in the second hour of the show. There’ll also be new music from Damian Jordan, Belle Harvey, Toby Kable, Kerrie Garside, Justin Standley, Ryan Brookhouse, Melanie Dyer, Nick Payne and Earl Gillespie.

The play list will be:

First Hour: Danielle Deckard, Pete Foerster, Max Phillips, Michael Waugh, Belle Harvey, Peter Bowen, Susan Muranty, Rebecca Moore, Bounty Hunters, Greg Williams, Imogen Clark, Rick Hart, Wal Neilsen and Jodie Boni.

Second Hour: Donna Hotz, Karen Craigie, Toby Kable, Earl Gillespie, Marty Carmichael, Scotty Mac & Susanne Serelle, Damian Jordan, Laura Byrnes, Phoebe Jay, Kerrie Garside, Karen Guymer and Ryan Brookhouse.

Third Hour: Dave Roberts, Doug Hendry, Natalie Howard, Justin Standley, Beck Fielding, Benny Woodley, Dean Ramsay, Jasper Hollis & Lola Brinton, Terry Plowman, Peter Christie, Rebekah Davis, Melissa Robertson, Melanie Dyer and Nick Payne.

I hope to catch you tomorrow night from 6.00 pm (AEST) on TodaysCountry94one.