ACSS Tuesday 17/1/17

One of our listeners has asked us to mention the Top 3 Most Requested Songs each week, rather than just the one top song.

Good idea, so, here goes: 1. Chris Mustica, Handmade Silk Dress; 2. Rick Hart, Driver Alone; and 3. Lucy Pace, Our World. We’ll kick off with these three songs after the 6.00 pm news.

Our Featured Artist will be WA country performer, Terry Bennetts, and we’ll be playing 3 of Terry’s songs in the second hour of the show.

Our 2015 Flashback will be WA singer/songwriter, Lori Greco with No Ordinary Girl.

Our Play List will include 9 new songs:

First Hour: Chris Mustica; Rick Hart; Lucy Pace; Patricia Cruzado & Paul Bonner-Jones; Emma Dykes; Carrot Bowen & The Collective; Marie Hodson (new); Molly Millington; Dean Ramsay; Jodi Martin (new); Carpenter Caswell (new); Tori Forsyth (new); Sam Newton (new); and Meg Doherty.

Second Hour: Kathy Coleman; Terry Bennetts (3 songs, 2 co-written with Keith Lethbridge); Angela Easson (new); Magdalena MacDonald; Billy Bridge & Michael Lockhart; Jen Mize (new); Phil Doublet (new); Michael Wilks; Paul Penton; Rebecca Lee Nye; Alex Tobin; and Lori Greco.

Third Hour: Brad Butcher (new); Robert Knox & Roland Winsall; Michael Carpenter; Wendy Wood; Sally-Anne Whitten; Paul Crowder; Michael Clare; The Wayward Henrys; Rachel Summerell; Robin Scott; Anthony Frizzell; Marc Smith; Julie Kember; Tyson Lucas; and Christina Crofts.

I hope to catch you from 6.00 pm AEDT on Tuesday 17 January 2017 on TodaysCountry94one.