Hello Everyone,

The Australian Country Songwriters Show will be back on air on Tuesday 18 October at 6.00 pm, with more great music from independent Australian country songwriters.

The most requested song from last week was Alex Tobin’s song, Waiting, and we’ll be playing it first up on the show.

Our featured artist will be Tamworth NSW singer/ songwriter Brett Clarke, and we’ll be playing 3 of Brett’s songs in the second hour of the show.

Our 2015 flashback will be Becci Nethery’s song, Walk Away.

Our play list will be as follows (+/-):

First Hour: Alex Tobin; Samantha Mooney; David King, Tim Dutton & Anna Chapman; Rosanna Allen (new); Bill Amos (new); Mark Fitzsummons; Melanie Gray; David Taylor (new); Rachel Sommerell (new); Rob Imeson; Keri McInerney (new); Paul Crowder; The Band From The Club; and Cathy Dobson (new).

Second Hour: Becci Nethery; Lucy Pace & Michael Zammit; Brett Clarke (3 new); Hester Fraser (Goldheist); Spencer Kelly; Paul Penton; Kathy Coleman; Emma Dykes; The Water Runners; Melissa Robertson; Lawrie Minson & Michael Dickson; and Brandan Smoother & Pete Denahy.

Third Hour: Angus Gill (Lola Brinton & Sven Tydeman); Jacques Gentil & Karen Guymer; Terry Plowman; Abbey Grace; Chris Murphy & Travis Bryant (new); Donna Dyson & Wil Hughes; Greg Williams; Natalie Howard; Michael Clare; Chris Mustica/ Lost Song Project; Wal Neilsen; Mark Lavender & Kathryn Coad; Michael Meeking (new) and Magdalena MacDonald (new).

I hope to catch you on Tuesday evening on TodaysCountry94one.