The ACSS will be on air on, in an extended format, on Thursdays from 7.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one. On 18/2/16, we’ll be on air from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, and after that, we’ll be on air from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm. This will give us extra time to play your great original music and your requests!
This week, we’ll be featuring new music from Kerrie Garside, Scarlett Affection, Lloyd Clarke, Michael Waugh and Wendy J Ford. We’ll also have your favourite songs from Anna Wall, Justin Standley, Jo Caseley, Rick Hart, Marc Smith, Andrew Jacobs, Dana Hassall, Karen Guymer, Aimee Hannan, Samantha Mooney, Tony Murphy, Imogen Clarke, Melanie Gray, Allison Forbes, Kelly Cork, Susan Lily & Darren Scott, Donna Hotz, Wendy J Ford, Chris Fisher, Dean Ramsay, Brad McKenna, Jasper Shelton Hollis & Lola Brinton, Loren Kate, Kye Cole and Natalie Howard. Wow, the play lists are getting longer! Isn’t that great? I hope to catch you Thursday night at 7.00 pm. Alan.