Hi Folks,

Well, we’re back to one night per week this week, so we’ll unfortunately have to make some drastic cuts to the play list on Tuesday 2/10/18.

New (to the show) music this week from Clint Wilson; Lucy Pace; Stephen Phillip; and Susan Lily.

Our Top 10 Most Requested Songs this week are: 1. Shelly Jones Band, Highways; 2. Steve Cheers, Waving At Trains; 3. Michelle Walker, Backbone; 4. Jase Lansky, Drunk Every Sunday; 5. Samantha Mooney, In This Town; 6. Rob Imeson, Sugar Cane Town; 7. Zoey Mills, Gypsy Girl; 8. Sally-Anne Whitten, Tennessee Lullaby; 9. Justin Landers, Honey Take Me Home; and 10. The Long & The Short Of It, When I’m Gone.

Our Featured Artist, Clint Wilson, has a new album out called Dark Water, and we’ll be playing three songs from the album, in the second hour of the show.

Our Flashback Track from the 2017 Play List will be from Michael Waugh; our Featured Instrumental Track will be from Ray Pratley; and our Featured International Artist will be NZ singer/songwriter, Jenny Mitchell.

Our Emerging Talent segment, in the third hour of the show, will feature songs from Maddi Lyn; Chelsea Berman; and Trinity Woodhouse.

Our Country Ballads, also in the third hour, will come from Stephen Phillip; Michael Clare; and Lola Brinton & Dale Duncan.

So, the Tuesday Play List will be:

First Hour: The Long & The Short Of It; Justin Landers; Sally-Anne Whitten; Zoey Mills; Rob Imeson; Samantha Mooney; Jase Lansky; Michelle Walker; Steve Cheers; Shelly Jones Band; Spencer Kelly & Mike Lusk; John Blok & Mike Lusk; Jimmy T Tucker & The Twilight Stars; and Lucy’s Locket.

Second Hour: Lizzie Flynn; Simply Bushed; Susan Lily; Lucy Pace; Clint Wilson (3 songs); Karen Law; Dane Owen; Sani Bolton; Michael Waugh; Ray Pratley; Jenny Mitchell; and Laurel Parkinson.

Third Hour: Robert Brock; Julie Prowse; Maddi Lynn; Chelsea Berman; Trinity Woodhouse; The Western Distributors; Strawberry Lane; Samantha Bellamy; Stephen Phillip; Michael Clare; Lola Brinton & Dale Duncan; Sadie & Jay; Amy Kermode; and Michael Clare.

I hope you can join me this week on Tuesday 2/10/18 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.