Hi Folks,

The Australian Country Songwriters Show will be on air this week on Tuesday evening 20/11/18.

New (to the show) music this week from Needle & Salt; Peter Christie; and Spencer Kelly & Mike Lusk.

Our Top 10 Most Requested Songs this week are: 1. Lucy’s Lockett, Always On My Mind; 2. Samantha Mooney, In This Town; 3. Sani Bolton, A Bottle Of Then; 4. Lola Brinton & Dale Duncan, Little Old Church On The Hill; 5. Tony Cook, Life’s Lessons; 6. Melissa Robertson, Little Country Life; 7. Jimmy T Tucker & The Twilight Stars, By Your Side; 8. Lucy Pace, Ain’t No Friend Of Mine; 9. Brendan Smoother, Old Chimney; and 10. Stephanie Wade, Game Of Charades;

Our Featured Artist this week, Peter Christie, has an album out called God, Guitars & The Open Road, and we’ll be playing three songs from the album, in the second hour of the show.

Our Flashback Track from the 2016 Play List will be from John Greenwood & Jason Greenwood; our Featured Instrumental Track will be from The Travelling Teardrops; and our Featured International Artist will be Needle & Salt.

Our Emerging Talent segment, in the third hour of the show, will feature songs from Mason Hope; Trinity Woodhouse; and Molly Millington.

Our Country Ballads, also in the third hour, will come from Stephen Phillip; Gordon Station; and Ian Muir.

So, the Tuesday Play List will be:

First Hour: Stephanie Wade; Brendan Smoother; Lucy Pace; Jimmy T Tucker & The Twilight Stars; Melissa Robertson; Tony Cook; Lola Brinton & Dale Duncan; Sani Bolton; Samantha Mooney; Lucy’s Lockett; Ben Leece; Spencer Kelly & Mike Lusk; Michelle Walker; and Ben Gunn.

Second Hour: Paula Punch; Karen Law; Clint Wilson; Melanie Gray; Peter Christie (3 songs); Ronni Rae Rivers; Robert Brock; Dane Owen; John Greenwood & Jason Greenwood; The Travelling Teardrops; Needle & Salt; and Michelle Chandler.

Third Hour: Destiny Band; Julie Prowse; Mason Hope; Trinity Woodhouse; Molly Millington; Dave Diprose; Susan Lily; Sandy Rasmussen; Stephen Phillip; Gordon Station; The Muirs; Laurel Parkinson; Della Harris; Laura-Therese Davis; and Michael Clare.

I hope you can join me next week on Tuesday 20/11/18 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.