Hi Everyone,

Please join me once again for The Australian Country Songwriters Show from 6.00 pm AEDT on Tuesday 22/11/16 on TodaysCountry94one.

After only one play last week, Hand Made Silk Dress, by Christ Mustica, is our most requested song this week, and we’ll be playing it first up on Tuesday’s show after the 6.00 pm news.

We’ve made Cathy Dobson our featured artist this week. We’ve had quite a few requests for replays of The Borderline in recent weeks, but that’s only a small part of Cathy’s repertoire. Three of her songs will be coming up in the second hour of the show.

Our flashback track will be Jason Maynard’s great song, Treading Water, from the 2015 play list. See if you remember it?

The play list will be:

First Hour: Chris Mustica; Rachel Summerell; Nick Payne; Lola Brinton & Lachlan Bryan; David King, Tim Dutton & Anna Chapman; Matt J Ward & The Rising Sons; Lucy Pace; Paul Penton; Melissa Robertson; Vanessa Delaine (new); Samantha Mooney; Spencer Kelly; Natalie Howard; and Wal Neilsen.

Second Hour: John Casey, Tara-Lynne Sharrock & Henrique Dib (new); Alex Tobin; Cathy Dobson (3 songs, 2 new); Matt Coleman; Susan Lily; Kelly Cork; Rebecca Lee Nye (new); Sally-Anne Whitten; David Taylor; Emma Dykes; Lloyd Clarke & Jacques Gentil; and Sami Cooke.

Third Hour: Bill Amos; Rosanna Allen; Stan Lenz; Greg Williams; Earl Gillespie (vocals by Erin Fleury); Jason Maynard; Paul Crowder; Brett Clarke; Kathy Coleman; Michael Wilks; John Delaney; John Krsulja; Natalie Pearson & Michael Tan; Chris Murphy & Travis Bryant; and Michael Clare.

I hope to catch you on Tuesday 22 November from 6.00 pm AEDT on TodaysCountry94one.