ACSS 23/8/16

The most requested song from last week’s show was, once again, Rebecca Lee Nye’s great song, “I’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Lonely”, and we’ll be playing it first up on Tuesday’s show.

Our featured artist will be NSW bush balladeer, Michael Clare, and we’ll be featuring three of Michael’s songs in the second hour of the show.

Our flashback from last year will be Kelly Cork’s great song, “Ruby’s Song”.

The play list will be:

First Hour: Rebecca Lee Nye, Paul Crowder, Samantha Mooney, Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy, Peter Christie, Becci Nethery, Sarah Conlan, Pete Foerster, Hester Fraser (Goldheist), Greg Williams, Taylor Pfeiffer, Dom Crea & Patrick McMurray, Katie Brianna and Rick Hart.

Second Hour: Charlie Cacciola, Chelsea Basham (new), Luella Widt, Michael Clare (3 new), Kelly Cork, Laura Byrnes, Hayley Marsten, Neil Anthony, Michael Waugh, Rebecca Moore, Peter & Martin Doley and Lloyd Clarke.

Third Hour: Missy Lancaster, Benny Woodley, Karin Page, Angus Gill, Pete Foerster, Rachael Fahim, Belle Harvey, Will Day, Donna Hotz, Rob Imeson, Melanie Gray, Tori Darke & Mitch Thompson and Wal Neilsen.

After this week’s show, we’ll be taking a short holiday break, but we’ll be back on air as soon as we can. Please keep the songs coming in while I’m away.

I hope to catch you for The Australian Country Songwriters Show on Tuesday 23/8/16 at 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.