Tomorrow night, Rick Hart will be our featured artist, and we’ll be playing three of his songs in the first hour of the show.
The play list for the show will be:
First hour: Ryan Brookhouse, Ian Burns, Cathy Dobson, Kathy Coleman, Terry Bennetts & Keith Lethbridge, Hester Fraser (Goldheist), Rick Hart, David Sofield, Magdalena McDonald, Earl Gillespie, Bowen & Clare, and Anthony Cobb.
Second hour: James Franklin, Vanessa Craven, Kylie Adams-Collier, Heath Watts, Kelly Cork, Keri McInerney, Imogen Clark, Natalie Howard, Michael Waugh.,Laura Zarb, Lloyd Clarke, Andrew Jacobs, Stewart Peters & Robert McIntosh and Samantha Mooney.
Third hour: SAMI, Karen Guymer, Tylah Rose, Anna Wall, Melanie Gray, Becci Nethery, Alex Tobin, Terry Bennetts & Ian Simpson, Lynn Hazelton, Kerri Garside, Donna Hotz, Jasper Hollis & Lola Brinton, Ali Jeeves, and Racz ‘n’ Waters.
I hope to catch you tomorrow night at 7.00pm on TodaysCountry94one. Alan.