Hi Everyone,

The Australian Country Songwriters Show will be back on Tuesday night, as usual.

The show currently has a surplus of new music, so if I haven’t played your song, don’t despair, I will put it on air as soon as I can. You can also give me a nudge by email if you want.

The most requested song from last week’s show was Melissa Robertson’s song, Tumbarumba, and we’ll be playing the song first up on the show.

Our featured artist this week will be Keri McInerney, and we’ll be playing three of Keri’s songs in the second hour of the show.

Our flashback from 2015 will be a song that we first played in May of that year: Susan Lily with Here On The Road.

The play list will be +/-:

First Hour: Melissa Robertson, Alex Tobin, Emma Dykes, John Littrich & The Water Runners, Hester Fraser (Goldheist), Mark Fitzsummons, Natalie Howard, Chris Murphy & Travis Bryant, Donna Dyson & Wil Hughes, Lucy Mills, David Taylor Marc Ryan & Carl Joisce, Rachel Sommerell, Rob Imeson and Sami Cooke (new).

Second Hour: Brett Clarke, Michael Clare, Keri McInerney (3, 2 new), Greg Williams, Pete Foerster, Kathy Coleman, Abbey Grace, Matt J Ward & The Rising Sons (new), Eric Grow (new), Susan Lily, Nick Payne, Lucy Pace, Jeff Crew and Laura Byrnes.

Third Hour: Sarah Conlan, Spencer Kelly, Paul Penton, Natalie Pearson & Michael Tan (new), Chris Mustica/Lost Song Project, Wal Neilsen, Mark Lavender & Kathryn Coad, Samantha Mooney, Cathy Dobson, Angus Gill, David King Tim Dutton & Anna Chapman, Sarah Leete Live & Acoustic, David Sofield, The Band From The Club and Paul Crowder.

I hope you can join me at 6.00 pm AEDT on Tuesday 25 October on TodaysCountry94one.

The Australian Country Songwriters Show is dedicated to playing songs by independent Australian country songwriters, who may not otherwise receive airplay for their songs. If you are a country songwriter, and would like airplay for your songs, you can contact me at the station on admin@todayscountry94one.com, or at The Australian Songwriters Association, on alang@asai.org.au.