Coming up on Thursday evening from 7.00 pm is the first of our BIG shows: 3 hours and 40 songs. The artists will be +/- (first hour): Bowen & Clare, Michael Waugh, Lori Greco, Anna Wall, Justin Standley, Jo Caseley, Scarlett Affection, Rick Hart, Imogen Clark, Wendy J Ford, Jasper Hollis & Lola Brinton; (second hour): Tylah Rose, Alex Tobin, Natalie Howard, Lloyd Clarke, Kate Lush, Leah Briggs & Bill Chambers, Loren Kate, Cory Hargreaves, Becci Nethery, Kerrie Garside, Andrew Jacobs, Dana Hassall, Karen Guymer; (third hour): Lachlan Grant, David Sofield, Jim Harding & Charlie Cacciola, John Greenwood, Marc Smith, Aimee Hannan, Samantha Mooney, Tony Murphy, Melanie Gray, Kelly Cork, Susan Lily & Darren Scott, Donna Hotz, Dean Ramsay and Brad McKenna. Should be a lot of fun. Hope to catch you then. All the best, Alan.