ACSS 253 Tuesday 30/7/19

Hi Folks,

The Australian Country Songwriters Show will be back on air for ONE night this week, Tuesday 30/7/19, so we’ll unfortunately need to make some drastic cutbacks to the music.

We have new (to the show) music this week from Benny Allen; Georgina Grimshaw; Jodie Crosby; Justin Landers; Mason Hope; Robert Cini; and Shelly Jones Band.

The Top 10 Most Requested songs for this week are 1. Renee Jonas, Butterflies; 2. Copperline, Woman’s Touch; 3. Brendan McMahon, I Am; 4. Della Harris, Roll Of A Dice; 5. Alan & Trace, Country’s What I Am; 6. Ali S, Can’t See Me; 7. Dana Crowe, Not Broken; 8. Kell, Silvia; 9. Michelle Walker, Trying To Be Me; and 10. Angus Gill, Welcome To My Heart.

Our Featured Artist, Benny Allen, has an album out called Never Knew I Was Country, and we’ll be playing three songs from the album, in the second hour of the show.

Our Flashback Track will be from Kylie Ryan; our Featured Instrumental Track will be from Peter Salata; and our Featured International Artist will be US country singer, Caroline Jones.

Our Emerging Talent segment will feature songs by Sophia Chesworth, Charlie Fittler; and Mason Hope.

Our Country Ballads segment will feature songs by Terry Bennetts; The Floyd Black Band; and Peter Smokie Dawson.

So, the Play List will be:

First Hour: Angus Gill; Michelle Walker; Kell; Dana Crowe; Ali S; Alan & Trace; Della Harris; Brendan McMahon; Copperline; Renee Jonas; Lucy Pace; Michelle Chandler; Texas Strangers; and Souly Us.

Second Hour: Georgina Grimshaw; Justin Landers; Shelly Jones Band; Jodie Crosby; Benny Allen (3 songs); Vanessa Bourne; Helen Townsend; SaltBushSix; Kylie Ryan; Peter Salata; Caroline Jones; and Michael Waugh.

Third Hour: Robert Cini; Jodi Martin; Sophia Chesworth; Charlie Fittler; Mason Hope; Whistle Dixie; Clint Wilson, Jen Mize & Lola Brinton; Laura-Therese Davis; Terry Bennetts; The Floyd Black Band; Peter Smokie Dawson; Megan Sidwell; Lloyd Back; Watling & Bates; and Michael Clare.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday 30/7/19 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.