Happy ANZAC Day, everyone!

We’ll be having our own ANZAC song showcase tomorrow evening, featuring 16 inspirational and military themed songs, in the second hour of the show.

We’ll also have Becci Nethery as our featured artist, and we’ll be playing three of Becci’s songs in the first hour of the show.

The play list will look something like this (+/-):

First hour: Becci Nethery, Chantell Alexi, Geoff Williams, Bryce Sainty, Ryan Brookhouse, Susan Muranty, Karen Guymer, Melanie Gray, Melissa Robertson, Ian Burns, Natalie Howard and SAMI Cooke.

Second hour (plus a bit): The ANZAC show, featuring songs by Charlie Cacciola, Donna Hotz, Jacques Mario Gentil, Imogen Clark, Tylah Rose, Rob Imeson, Glen Naylor, Andrea Clut, Kathy Coleman, Glen Naylor & Chris Wilson, Justin Linkins, Lola Brinton, Cill Van Der Velden & Jarrad Grimmond, Lloyd Clarke, Brad McKenna, and Brendan Smoother.

Third hour: Hayley Jensen, Hayley Marsten, Snez, Kaitlyn Thomas, Heath Watts, Michelle Bender & Michael Pounsett, Kylie Adams-Collier, Imogen Clark, Rick Hart and Earl Gillespie.

I hope to catch you Tuesday evening from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.