ACSS 260 Tuesday 17/9/19

Howdy Everyone,

The Australian Country Songwriters Show will be on air this week on Tuesday 17/9/19.

We have new (to the show) music this week from Anita Ree; Blake O’Connor; Ear Candy Duo; John Glase; Josh Setterfield; Kat Angela; Mandolin Orange; Sue Dyson; and The Long & The Short Of It.

The Top 10 Most Requested songs for this week are 1. Benny Allen, Never Knew I Was Country; 2. Aaron Darcy, Running On Empty; 3. Vanessa Bourne, Not Too Old To Love Again; 4. Tessa Libreri & Gary Ellis, I’ll Be Home Soon; 5. Emma Dykes, The Riddle Of Life; 6. Texas Strangers, Something’s Gotta Change; 7. Brendan McMahon, Only Highs; 8. Angus Gill, Welcome To My Heart; 9. Country Lovin’, Feel The Breeze; and 10. Justin Landers, A Campfire Waltz.

Our Featured Artists this week, QLD duo, Ear Candy Duo, have a new album out called California Sun, and we’ll be playing three tracks from the album, in the second hour of the show.

Our Flashback Track from the show’s 2017 play list will be from Victoria McGee; our Featured Instrumental Track will be from Rusty Crook; and our Featured International Artists will be Mandolin Orange, an Americana duo from North Carolina that I’ve been following for a while.

Our Emerging Talent segment will feature songs by Blake O’Connor; Sophia Chesworth; and Mason Hope.

Our Country Ballads segment will feature songs by Jason Carruthers; Anita Ree; and The Floyd Black Band.

So, the Play List will be:

First Hour: Justin Landers; Country Lovin’; Angus Gill; Brendan McMahon; Texas Strangers; Emma Dykes; Tessa Libreri & Gary Ellis; Vanessa Bourne; Aaron Darcy; Benny Allen; Kel-Anne Brandt; JoKeria; Tracey Rowland; and Watling & Bates.

Second Hour: Michael Waugh; Lucy Pace; The Mason Boys; Sue Dyson; Ear Candy Duo (3 songs); Michelle Gardiner; Jesse McGrath; The Long & The Short Of It; Victoria McGee; Rusty Crook; Mandolin Orange; and Brad Butcher.

Third Hour: Kat Angela; John Glase; Blake O’Connor; Sophia Chesworth; Mason Hope; Vanessa Delaine; Sandra Rasmussen; Andy Kidd; Jason Carruthers; Anita Ree; Floyd Black Band; Fiona Fields; Josh Setterfield; Sould Us; Destiny Band Oz; and Michael Clare.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday 17/9/19 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.