Hi Folks,
ACSS 26/7/17:
As the show is over a year old now, I thought we’d do a flashback each week to a song that we played around the same time in 2015. This week it will be Ali Jeeves’ song, Everybody (Piece of Gold).
Our Featured Artist this week will be Peter Christie, and we’ll be playing three of Peter’s songs in the second hour of the show.
The play list will be:
First Hour: Will Day (most requested song), Rebecca Moore, John Greenwood, Becci Nethery, Samantha Mooney, Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy (new), Robert McIntosh & Stewart Peters, Maria Harkins (new), Taylor Pfeiffer, Dom Crea & Patrick McMurray, Michael Waugh, Beck Fielding, Rob Imeson and Rhubee Neale & Michelle Bender.
Second Hour: Natalie Howard, Ronald Humphrey (new), Tori Forsyth, Jen Stroud (new), Peter Christie (featured artist: 3 songs, 2 new), Laura Byrnes, Melanie Gray, Neil Anthony, Katie Brianna, Greg Williams, Danielle Deckard and Peter Bowen.
Third Hour: Ali Jeeves (2015 flashback), Bob Brown & Patrick McMurray, Terry Plowman, Karen Craigie, Belle Harvey, Benny Woodley, Justin Standley, Sami Cooke, Karin Page, Imogen Clark, Damian Jordan, Donna Hotz and Kelly Cork.
Thanks to everyone who has sent in their songs. If I haven’t got around to playing your song/s yet, please send me a reminder on alang@asai.org.au, and I’ll do my best to fit them in.