Hi Folks,

Tomorrow night’s show, 27/12/16, will feature the Top 40 Most Requested Songs of 2016, as chosen by you, the listeners.

We’ll be playing the songs in order from 40 to 1, but you’ll have to tune in to find out who the winners are! However, we’ll give you a clue, by publishing the winners list in alphabetical order:

Alex Tobin (2 songs); Anna Wall; Becci Nethery; Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy; Cathy Dobson; Chris Mustica; David King, Tim Dutton & Anna Chapman; Donna Hotz; Earl Gillespie; Greg Williams; Hester Fraser (Goldheist); Imogen Clark; John Greenwood; Karen Guymer (2 songs); Kelly Cork; Keri McInerney; Kerrie Garside; Lloyd Clarke; Lola Brinton (3 songs with co-writers Jasper Hollis, Lachlan Bryan & Sven Tydeman); Matt J Ward & The Rising Sons; Melanie Gray; Melissa Robertson (2 songs); Michael Waugh; Natalie Howard; Paul Crowder; Pete Foerster; Rebecca Lee Nye; Rick Hart (2 songs); Ryan Brookhouse; Samantha Mooney; Susan Muranty; Terry Plowman; Tylah Rose; and Wal Nielsen.

I hope to catch you on Tuesday 27/12/16 from 6.00 pm AEDT on TodaysCountry94one.