ACSS 280 Tuesday 31/12/19

Hi Everyone,

Our final show for the year is coming up on New Year’s Eve, Tuesday 31/12/19. The show will be our annual countdown of the Top 40 Most Requested Songs for the year, as voted by you, the listeners.

We’ll be counting down the songs, 40 through to 1, from 6.00 pm on 31/12/19 on TodaysCountry94one, and later in the week on our syndicated stations.

The show has been pre-recorded for broadcast, as we’ll be otherwise busy that night.

The Top 40 artists (in alphabetical order) are: Aaron Darcy; Alan & Trace; Ali S; Benn Gunn; Benny Allen; Brendan McMahon (2 songs); Copperline; Country Lovin’; Della Harris; Emma Dykes; Emma Jene; Gayle O’Neill; Ian Burns; Jase Lansky; Jed Zarb & Dani Young; Justin Landers; Kell; Kevin Sullivan; Lance Birrell; Lucy Pace (2 songs); Mark Fitzsummons; Mat Black; Michael Wilks; Michelle Chandler; Michelle Gardiner; Michelle Walker; Peter Christie; Renee Jonas; Rick Hart & Elysia Gomez; Samantha Mooney; Showpony Express; Susan Lily; Tessa Libreri & Gary Ellis; Texas Strangers (2 songs); The Silverline; Vanessa Bourne; and Watling & Bates.

To find out the order of the placings, you will need to tune in to the show, free-to-air on the NSW Central Coast, and over the internet on

Thanks for listening to The Australian Country Songwriters Show during 2019, and we hope to catch up with you again in 2020. Have a safe and happy New Year.