Thanks to everyone who has sent in their new music. Tomorrow night, we’ll be playing 15 new songs, plus many more of your favourites.

Sorry to those who we have had to cut. After struggling for time with a 1 hour show last year, it’s now apparent that even the new 3 hour format is not enough!  Well, I guess that’s actually a great position to be in, and we’ll certainly try to work through how we can put more of your great music to air on a regular basis.

Our featured artist tomorrow will be SAMI Cooke, and we’ll be playing 3 of SAMI’s songs in the first hour of the show.

The second hour (and a bit) will be the “new music” hour.

The play list will be:

First hour: SAMI Cooke, Ryan Brookhouse, Susan Muranty, Imogen Clark, Rick Hart, Earl Gillespie, Chantell Alexi, Bryce Sainty, Michelle Bender & Michael Pouncett, Kaitlyn Thomas, and Heath Watts.

Second hour: Pete Foerster, Emma-Kate Stampton, Jasper Hollis & Lola Brinton, Robert McIntosh, Lucy Mills, Michael Waugh, Scotty Mac & Serelle, Stewart Peters, Kelly Cork, Danielle Deckard, Abbey Slattery, Benny Woodley, Beck Fielding, and Charlie Cacciola.

Third hour: Kylie Adams-Collier, Natalie Howard, Chris Fisher, Snez, Melissa Robertson, Goldheist, Donna Hotz, Wal Neilsen, Ian Burns, Cathy Dobson, Jo Caseley, Karen Guymer, and Rob Imeson.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday evening, from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.