Hi Folks,

On tonight’s show, our featured artist will be Lloyd Clarke, and we’ll be featuring three of Lloyd’s songs in the first hour of the show.

The play list will be:

First Hour: Greg Williams, Pete Foerster, Max Phillips, Becci Nethery, Michael Waugh, Danielle Deckard, Peter Bowen, Lloyd Clarke, Earl Gillespie, Bounty Hunters, Rebecca Moore and Imogen Clarke.

Second Hour: Ryan Brookhouse, Rebekah Davis, Scotty Mac & Susanne Serelle, Doug Hendry, Beck Fielding, Benny Woodley, Brett Ireland, Karen Craigie, Marty Carmichael, Natalie Howard, Jodie Boni, Dave Roberts, Aly Cook and Michelle Bender & Michael Pounsett.

Third Hour: Geoff Yelsaka, Helen Townsend, Heath Watts, Christopher Orchard, Christopher Stead, David Penman, Abbey Slattery, Michael Meeking, Susan Muranty, Dean Ramsay, Donna Hotz, Peter Christie, Terry Plowman and Emma Kate Stampton.

I hope you can join me tonight from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.