ACSS 332 Tuesday 15/9/20

Hi Everyone,

The Australian Country Songwriters Show will be back this week on Tuesday 15/9/20.

We have new (to the show) music this week from: Dave Diprose; Ella & Sienna Peachey; Faith Julija; Harry Cleverdon; Mark Lavender; Samantix; Sharon Heaslip; and Toni Janke.

Our Top 10 Most Requested Songs for this week are: 1. Vanessa Bourne, Young At Heart; 2. The Weeping Willows, Wheels Won’t Roll; 3. Cathy Dobson, A Farmer’s Lullaby; 4. Michael Meeking, Lonesome (Good Times Will Come Again); 5. Brendon McMahon, Jack; 6. The Long & The Short Of It, Just Give It All You Got; 7. Adventures With Alice, Sometimes More Times; 8. Alan & Trace, The Greatest Show On Earth; 9. Donna Fisk, Shoulder At The Wheel; and 10. Kathy Coleman, Go Marry A Cowboy.

Our Featured Artist, singer/songwriter Emma Jene, has a new single out called Alone, and we will be playing it, along with two other tracks from her Erosion album, in the second hour of the show.

Our Flashback Track from the 2017 play list for the show will be from Spencer Kelly; our Featured Instrumental will be from Lindsay Waddington; our Featured International Artist will be Danish country artist, Faith Julija; and our Featured Indigenous Artist will be Toni Janke.

Our Emerging Talent segment will feature songs from; Lucy Parle; Harry Cleverdon; and Ella & Sienna.

Our Country Ballads segment will feature songs from Sharon Heaslip; David Croser; and Tony Smith.

So, the play list will be:

First Hour: Kathy Coleman; Donna Fisk; Alan & Trace; Adventures With Alice; The Long & The Short Of It; Brendan McMahon; Michael Meeking; Cathy Dobson; The Weeping Willows; Vanessa Bourne; Vanessa Delaine; Ian Burns; Gareth Leach; and Lucie Tiger.

Second Hour: Kim Sheehy & Katie Hardyman; Steve Cheers; Billy Bridge; Susan Muranty; Emma Jene (3 songs); Justin Landers; Michael Waugh; Samantix; Spencer Kelly; Lindsay Waddington; Faith Julija; and Toni Janke.

Third Hour: Pete O’Brien; Watling & Bates; Unique Sounz & Donna Hotz; Lucy Parle; Harry Cleverdon; Ella & Sienna; Mark Lavender; Sani Bolton; Dave Diprose; Sharon Heaslip; David Croser; Tony Smith; Paula Standing; Lloyd Back; Max Jackson; and Michael Clare.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday 15/9/2020 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one 94.1 FM (Central Coast NSW), and later on our broadcast partners, 2 Air FM 107.9 (Coffs Harbour NSW); Seymour FM 103.9 (Seymour VIC); 7 Mid FM 97.1 (Oatlands TAS); EMFM 104.7 (Echuca VIC); 7 TAS FM 97.7 (Port Arthur TAS); and Radio Adelaide FM 101.5 (Adelaide SA).

And don’t forget to vote for your favourite song(s)! To vote, just private message me via the ACSS Facebook page.