ACSS 347 29/12/20: Top 40 Most Requested Songs For 2020

Well, tomorrow is our final show for 2020 and we’d like to thank all of our listeners around Australia as well as the wonderful artists whose music we have showcased during 2020.

In tomorrow’s show, we’ll be presenting our Top 40 Most Requested Songs for 2020 (based on listener votes) and we’ll be counting them down 40 through to 1.  Following the Top 40, we’ll be previewing a few songs from our upcoming 2021 play list to finish the show.

The Top 40 artists (in alphabetical order) are: Alan & Trace; Allison Forbes; Andy Penkow; Benn Gunn; Benny Allen (3 songs); Brendan McMahon; Brett Clarke; Cathy Dobson (2 songs); Dan Higgins; Della Harris; Destiny Band Oz; Donna Fisk; Emma Dykes;  Gayle O’Neill; Ian Burns; Jed Zarb; Justin Landers; Kasey Kilsby; Kate Hindle; Kathy Coleman; Kell; Lance Birrell; Lloyd Back; Lucie Tiger; Melissa Robertson; Michael Meeking; Michelle Gardiner; Niksta; Robert Ross (2 songs); Shelly Jones Band; The Long & The Short Of It; The Silverline (2 songs); The Weeping Willows; and Vanessa Bourne (2 songs).

You’ll need to tune in to find out the order of the songs.

We’ll also be previewing some songs from our upcoming 2021 playlist from Susan Muranty; Bev Abela; Henry J Sawyer; and Paula Punch.

Seasons greetings to everyone and I hope you can join us tomorrow night, Tuesday 29 December, from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.