ACSS 366 Tuesday 11/5/21

Hi Everyone,

Please join me on Tuesday 11/5/21 for another edition of The Australian Country Songwriters Show.

We have new (to the show) music this week from: Cassidy Rae; Hurricane Highway; Kora Naughton; Larissa Uebergang; Sandy Rasmussen; Sari Abbott; Shirley Lynne; Terry Plowman; and Tony Clarke.

Our Top 10 Most Requested Songs for this week are: 1. The Silverline, The Borderline; 2. Cathy Dobson, Love Ain’t Bulletproof; 3. Jase Lansky, Don’t Go 4. Michael Waugh, Dirty River; 5. Destiny Band Oz, This Is Our Land; 6. Renee Jonas, Hook, Line & Sinker; 7. Tony Johns, Fishin’ With Jack; 8. Andy Penkow & Della Harris, How Many Times; 9. Darren Gillis, Damn Long Strait; and 10. Rick Parker, I Wanna Be A Cowboy.

This week, our Featured Artist will be up-and-coming country singer, Kora Naughton, and we’ll be focusing on her most recent Nineteen album, and playing three tracks from the album, in the second hour of the show.

Our Flashback Track from the show’s 2018 play list will be from Justin Landers; our Featured Instrumental will be from Lindsay Waddington; our Featured International Artists will be Irish country band, Hurricane Highway; and our Featured Indigenous Artist will be Michelle Russell.

Our Emerging Talent segment will feature songs from Sari Abbott; KD; and Meagan Jane.

Our Country Ballads segment will feature songs from Terry Bennetts; Tony Clarke; and Dave Diprose.

So, the play list will be:

First Hour: Rick Parker; Darren Gillis; Andy Penkow & Della Harris; Tony Johns; Renee Jonas; Destiny Band Oz; Michael Waugh; Jase Lansky; Cathy Dobson; The Silverline; Larissa Uebergang; Cassidy Rae; Dave Daniel & Glenn Bidmead; and Benny Allen.

Second Hour: Paula Punch; Sally-Anne Whitten; Suz Dorahy; Jason McDaniel; Kora Naughton (3 songs); Brett Reid; Dean O’Leary; Katrina Burgoyne; Justin Landers; Lindsay Waddington; Hurricane Highway; and Michelle Russell.

Third Hour: The Water Runners; Helen Townsend & Shannon Smith; Lloyd Back; Sari Abbott; KD; Meagan Jane; Jason Lee feat. Tanya Kernaghan; Shirley Lynne; Sandy Rasmussen; Terry Bennetts; Tony Clarke; Dave Diprose; Natalie Henry; The New Graces; and Terry Plowman.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday 11/5/2021 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one 94.1 FM (Central Coast NSW), and later on our broadcast partners, 2 Air FM 107.9 (Coffs Harbour NSW); Seymour FM 103.9 (Seymour VIC); 7 Mid FM 97.1 (Oatlands TAS); EMFM 104.7 (Echuca VIC); 7 TAS FM 97.7 (Port Arthur TAS); and Radio Adelaide FM 101.5 (Adelaide SA).

And, don’t forget to vote for your favourite song(s)! To vote, just private message me via the ACSS Facebook page.

And, if you’re a country songwriter, please send your songs through for me to have a listen to. Just email or Dropbox me at