ACSS 407 22/2/22

Hi Folks,

Please tune in to another Australian Country Songwriters Show on Tuesday 22/2/22 with more great music from independent Australian country songwriters.

We have new (to the show) music this week from: Anita Ree; Copperline; Grace Mae; Ian Wilkinson; Jade Holland; Jake Davey; Justin Landers; Katie Stroud; Kym Simon; Rae Leigh; Ronnie & Johnny; Shyanne Irwin; The Bushwackers; Timber & Vine; Vanessa Bourne; and Wells Country Collection.

Our Top 10 Most Requested Songs for this week are: 1. Ashleigh Dallas, Dancing In The Kitchen; 2. Benn Gunn, A Bit More Aussie; 3. Michelle Little, Why Didn’t You Stop Me; 4. Ian Burns, The Outlaws; 5. Lucie Tiger, Right Next To You; 6. Andy Penkow, 1993; 7. Corey Legge, What Now; 8. Goldheist, The River; 9. Destiny Band Oz, Who I Might Be; and 10. The Weeping Willows, House of Sin.

For our Featured Album this week, we’ll continue our journey through a recent album release, called Wells Country Collection, featuring original songs written by George and Peter Wells from the Hunter region of NSW, and played by various artists.  We’ll be playing another 3 songs from the album, in the second hour of the show, from Bruce McUmstie, Kate Hamilton and Box Car Billy.

Our Flashback Track from the show’s 2018 play list will be from Texas Strangers; our Featured Instrumental will be from guitarist, Anthony Baxter; our Featured International Artist will be Canadian Country singer, Kym Simon; and our Featured Indigenous Artist will be Eddie Janama Kitching.

Our Emerging Talent segment will feature songs from Grace Mae; Shyanne Irwin; and Lily Grace.

Our Country Ballads segment will feature songs from Ian Wilkinson; Phill Doring; and Jason Carruthers.

So, the play list will be:

First Hour: The Weeping Willows; Destiny Band Oz; Goldheist; Corey Legge; Andy Penkow; Lucie Tiger; Ian Burns; Michelle Little; Benn Gunn; Ashleigh Dallas; Jake Davey; Vanessa Bourne; Anita Ree; and Ronnie & Johnny.

Second Hour: Timber & Vine; Kate Leahy; Amy Pegg; Aurelle Brunjes; Wells Country Collection (3 songs); Renee Jonas; Jane Laws; Justin Landers; Texas Strangers; Anthony Baxter; Kym Simon; and Eddie Janama Kitching.

Third Hour: Katie Stroud; Bryce Sainty; Bo’Ness; Grace Mae; Shyanne Irwin; Lili Grace; The Bushwackers; Kevin Hazell; Suz Dorahy; Ian Wilkinson; Phill Doring; Jason Carruthers; Raechel Whitchurch; Copperline; Jade Holland; and Rae Lee.

I hope you can join me on Tuesday 22/2/2022 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one 94.1 FM (Central Coast NSW), and later on our broadcast partners, 2 Air FM 107.9 (Coffs Harbour NSW); Seymour FM 103.9 (Seymour VIC); 7 Mid FM 97.1 (Oatlands TAS); EMFM 104.7 (Echuca VIC); 7 TAS FM 97.7 (Port Arthur TAS); Radio Adelaide FM 101.5 (Adelaide SA); PHAZE RN Bendigo and Central Highlands VIC 87.6 and 88.0; and Alex-FM 91.5, Goolwa SA.

And, don’t forget to vote for your favourite song(s)! To vote, just private message me via the ACSS Facebook page.

And, if you’re a country songwriter, please send your songs through for me to have a listen to. Just email or Dropbox me at