First up on Wednesday’s show 4/1/17, we’ll have our most requested song from last week, The Night Of Our Life, by The Long And The Short Of It, after the 6.00 pm AEDT news.

Our Featured Artist will be Matt Coleman, and we’ll be playing 3 of Matt’s songs in the second hour of the show.

Our flashback track from 2015 will be Alicia Mills’ song, Coming Home.

So, the play list will be:

First Hour: The Long & The Short Of It; Lucy Pace; Kristy James; Lola Brinton & Lachlan Bryan; Patricia Cruzado & Paul Bonner-Jones (new); Chris Mustica; John Harley-Weston (new); Aimee Hannan; Caue Camargo; Cathy Dobson; Robert Knox & Roland Winsall; Rebecca Lee Nye; Bill Amos; and Kathy Coleman.

Second Hour: Billy Bridge & Michael Lockhart; Wendy Wood; Matt Coleman (3 songs, 2 new); The Wayward Henrys; Robin Scott; Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy; Matt J Ward & The Rising Sons; Paul Crowder; Rachel Summerell; Bernard Carney; Michael Clare; and Anthony Frizzell.

Third Hour: Christina Crofts; Rick Hart; Spencer Kelly; Alicia Mills; Earl Gillespie; Carrot Bowen & The Collective; Chelsea Basham; Frank Walsh; Michael Ford & Barry Hill; Pete Foerster; Doug Hendry; Susan Muranty; The Weeping Wllows; CJ Turner; and John Hollywood.

I hope you can join us on Wednesday evening 4/1/17 at 6.00 pm AEDT on TodaysCountry94one.