Hi Folks,


Last Tuesday’s show was our last show for the year and we were pleased to be able to count down the Top 40 Most Requested songs for 2022. Thanks for listening to The Australian Country Songwriters Show in 2022.


Congratulations to The Long & The Short Of It for their No 1 position in the 2022 Top 40 and thanks to all the wonderful country songwriters who sent us their songs during the year.


The Top 40 Most Requested Songs for 2022 are set out below in order 1 to 40.


Have a great New Year and we’ll catch you again in 2023!


ACSS 451 27/12/22
The Long & The Short Of It Cowboy Lonesome 1
Shelly Jones Band I Wanna Write A Song 2
The Long & The Short Of It Midnight Choir 3
Della Harris ID Do That Again 4
Justin Landers Always Kiss Her Goodnight 5
Destiny Band Oz Title track who I might be 6
Lucie Tiger Alabama Highway 7
Andy Penkow/Allan Caswell 1993 8
Jodi Vaughan & Aly Cook/ Sisters In Country Hey Jolene 9
Ashleigh Dallas Dancing In The Kitchen 10
Kevin Sullivan Louanne 11
Michelle Little Why Didn’t You Stop Me 12
Andy Penkow Fallen Snow 13
Anita Ree The Barber Shop 14
Darren Gillis Me & You 15
The Silverline The Northern Coast 16
Allison Forbes Dead Men Tell No Tales 17
Della Harris Truth Juice 18
Lucie Tiger Right Next To You 19
TC Cassidy Ain’t Too Late To Start Again 20
Duncan Toombs Run 21
Sandee Facy ID Overdrive 22
James Johnston Country Boys 23
Rae Leigh Blue Shoes 24
Benn Gunn A Bit More Aussie 25
Brendan Mcmahon Skin and Bone 26
RnR Ranchgirls Strong 27
Gayle O’Neill Nora 28
Angus Gill Samson 29
Rick Hart This Heart 30
Destiny Band Oz Mistakes 31
Robert Ross Golden Band 32
Cathy Dobson Vapour Trail 33
Cathy Dobson A Little Faith 34
Vanessa Bourne Give Me A Break 35
The Silverline with Allan Caswell Sticks & Stones 36
Andy Penkow Fireflies 37
Vanessa Delaine Standing In Line 38
The Silverline The Last Song 39
Chris Staff The Road He Took 40