We’ll kick off Wednesday’s show (11/1/17) with Chris Mustica’s song, Handmade Silk Dress, the Most Requested Song from last week.

Our Featured Artist will be young Central Coast NSW singer/songwriter, Molly Millington, and we’ll be playing three of Molly’s songs in the second hour of the show.

Our Flashback Track will be from the 2015 Play List, Fiona Karamanlidis’s song, I’m Almost Home.

The Play List will be:

First Hour: Chris Mustica; Lucy Pace; The Long & The Short Of It; The Steve Lott Band; Caitlyn Shadbolt; Susan Muranty; Michael Wilks; Emma Dykes; Becci Nethery; Paul Crowder; Charlie Cacciola; El Cosgrove; and Michelle Walker.

Second Hour: Patricia Cruzado & Paul Bonner-Jones; Susan Lily; Nick Payne; Molly Millington (3 songs, 2 new); Chris Mustica; Fiona Karamanlidis; Sophia Chesworth; Lloyd Clarke; Sally-Anne Whitten; Caue Camargo; Michael Carpenter; Aimee Hannan; and Brett Clarke.

Third Hour: Heath Watts; Robert Knox; Rachel Summerell; Wal Nielsen; Natalie Howard; Terry Plowman; Paul Penton; Rebecca Lee-Nye; Alex Tobin; Michael Clare; Kathy Coleman; Sandy Rasmussen; Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy; Laura Byrnes; and Kelly Cork.

I hope to catch you Wednesday 11/1/17 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.