ACSS 399 Tuesday 28/12/21

Hi Folks,

I hope you had a great Christmas and looking forward to an equally great New Year!

A big show coming up tomorrow night 28/12/21 on TodaysCountry94one, featuring our Top 40 Most Requested Songs for 2021 as voted by you, the listeners. The Top 40 is based upon the total number of votes received during the year, not necessarily on their placings in the charts.

The list of artists is set out below (in alphabetical order). If you’d like to know the placings, you’ll need to tune in as we count them down 40 through to 1.

The Top 40 artists (in alphabetical order) are: Andy Penkow; Andy Penkow & Della Harris; Benny Allen; Brendan McMahon; Brett Reid; Cathy Dobson (2 songs); Cec Petersen; Dan Higgins feat. Tim Higgins; Della Harris; Destiny Band Oz (4 songs); Faith Julija (2 songs); Ian Burns; Jan Bentley; John Breen; Justin Landers; Katrina Burgoyne; Kevin Sullivan; Kylie Adams-Collier; Lance Birrell; Lucie Tiger; Lucy Pace; Michael Waugh; Renee Jonas; Ricky Parker; Robert Ross; Sandy Louise; Shelly Jones Band and Watling & Bates; The Long & The Short Of It; The Silverline (3 songs); Vanessa Bourne (3 songs); and Will Day.

And we will have a bit of time at the end of the show, so we’ll finish up with 3 songs that almost made the Top 40, from Kylie Gale; Susan Muranty; and Tony Kennelly.

Please join me Tuesday 28/12/21 at 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one, and later in the week on our broadcast partners, 2 Air FM 107.9 (Coffs Harbour NSW); Seymour FM 103.9 (Seymour VIC); 7 Mid FM 97.1 (Oatlands TAS); EMFM 104.7 (Echuca VIC); 7 TAS FM 97.7 (Port Arthur TAS); Radio Adelaide FM 101.5 (Adelaide SA); PHAZE RN Bendigo and Central Highlands VIC 87.6 and 88.0; and Alex-FM 91.5, Goolwa SA.

Have a Happy New Year, and I hope to catch you on the other side.