ACSS 483 22/8/23


Hi Folks,


Please join me for The Australian Country Songwriters Show on Tuesday 22 August 2023 at 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one.


We have new-to-the-show music this week from: Andy Penkow; Brook Chivell; Chalkie White; Darren Gillis; Dave Diprose; Fanny Lumsden; Highway 95; Mikhail Laxton; Minor Gold; Ralph Mills; Saralyn; Scotty Mack; The Water Runners; The Woodpickers; and Tony Marks.


Our Top 10 Most Requested Songs are: 1. Cassidy Rae, One More Song; 2. Ian Burns, I’m In For Love; 3. Nathan May, Home; 4. Shaza Leigh, Time To Fly; 5. Sandy Summers, Jet Lag; 6. Dave Javier, Took Me A While; 7. Beth Lucas, Home Town; 8. Wicker Suite, Back Around; 9. Sinead Burgess, Rolling Stones; and 10. No Promises, Stay Wild.


Our Featured Artist this week, duo Minor Gold (Tracy McNeil & Dan Parsons) have a new self-titled album release, and we’ll be playing three songs from the album, in the second hour of the show.


Our Flashback Track will be from the 2018 play list for the show from Melissa Robertson; our Featured Instrumental will be from Dave Diprose; our Featured International Artist will be Canadian country singer, Dan Washburn; and our Featured Indigenous Artist will be Mikhail Laxton.


Our Emerging Talent segment will feature songs from Amy Ryan; and Tyla Rodrigues; and Mackenzie Lee.


Our Country Ballads segment will feature songs from Dianne Lindsay; Peter Smokie Dawson; and Ashley Cook.


So, the play list will be:


First Hour: No Promises; Sinead Burgess; Wicker Suite; Beth Lucas; Dave Javier; Sandy Summers; Shaza Leigh; Nathan May; Ian Burns; Cassidy Rae; Ben Ransom; Lucie Tiger; Andy Penkow; Fanny Lumsden; and Scotty Mack.


Second Hour: Chalkie White; Saralyn; The Woodpickers; Minor Gold (3 songs); Darren Gillis; Clint Wilson; Highway 95; Melissa Robertson; Dave Diprose; Dan Washburn; Mikhail Laxton; Brook Chivell; and Katelann Maree.


Third Hour: The Water Runners; Amy Ryan; Tyla Rodrigues; Mackenzie Lee; Tony Marks; Aaron Darcy; Ralph Mills; Dianne Lindsay; Peter Smokie Dawson; Ashley Cook; Taylor Moss; Katie Brianna; and Warren Kearney.


Please join me on Tuesday 22/8/2023 from 6.00 pm on TodaysCountry94one 94.1 FM (Central Coast NSW), and later on our broadcast partners, 2 Air FM 107.9 (Coffs Harbour NSW); Seymour FM 103.9 (Seymour VIC); 7 Mid FM 97.1 (Oatlands TAS); EMFM 104.7 (Echuca VIC); 7 TAS FM 97.7 (Port Arthur TAS); PHAZE RN Bendigo and Central Highlands VIC 87.6 and 88.0; Alex-FM 91.5, Goolwa SA; and Radio Gidge FM on the internet.


And, don’t forget to vote for your favourite song(s)! To vote, just private message me via the ACSS Facebook page.


And, if you’re a country songwriter, please send your songs through for me to have a listen to. Just email or Dropbox me at