ACSS 280 The Top 40 Most Requested Songs For 2019.

Well, the Top 40 has been announced, so let’s recap the Top 40 Most Requested songs for 2019 in order, from 40 through to 1:

  1. Gayle O’Neill, Open Arms
  2. Jed Zarb & Dani Young, Hillbilly Cider
  3. Emma Dykes, Riddle Of Life
  4. Aaron Darcy, Running On Empty
  5. Renee Jones, Butterflies
  6. Rick Hart & Elysia Gomez, Love Gets The Better Of Me
  7. Alan & Trace, Country’s What I Am
  8. The Silverline, Let The Rain Fall
  9. Michael Wilks, Little Things
  10. Tessa Libreri & Gary Ellis, I’ll Be Home Soon
  11. Vanessa Bourne, Not Too Old To Love Again
  12. Mark Fitzsummons, Southern
  13. Lucy Pace, Step By Step
  14. Samantha Mooney, Dive In Deep
  15. Michelle Walker, What I Love
  16. Della Harris, Roll Of A Dice
  17. Justin Landers, My Old Man
  18. Emma Jene, Boy Meets Girl
  19. Texas Strangers, Always In The Rain
  20. Kell, Coming Home
  21. Brendan McMahon, Only Highs
  22. Texas Strangers, River Of Tears
  23. Michelle Gardiner, Sing Me A Memory
  24. Mat Black, I Can’t Get You Off My Mind
  25. Brendan McMahon, I Am
  26. Lance Birrell, Trailblazer
  27. Peter Christie, God Guitars & The Open Road
  28. Ali S, Can’t See Me
  29. Lucy Pace, Twang It Like Yoakam
  30. Showpony Express, Mighty Murray River
  31. Susan Lily, Feeling Love
  32. Benn Gunn, Only In Australia
  33. Jase Lansky, Hella Good Time
  34. Benny Allen, Never Knew I Was Country
  35. Watling & Bates, Boots Beside The Bed
  36. Country Lovin’, Feel The Breeze
  37. Ian Burns, George & Jack
  38. Kevin Sullivan, Unknown People
  39. Michelle Chandler, Wishful Thinking
  40. Copperline, Woman’s Touch

Congratulations to all our finalists for 2019. Have a Happy New Year and we’ll be back again in 2020 to do it all again!